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What is a Mantra?

Mantra is a sound whose affects are known that are all life supporting at every level of creation.  Mantra is a word of power.  And mantras come from the Vedas.  Mantras and the Vedas are not the result of human knowledge.  They are divine ideas, cosmic knowledge, that come from the cosmic mind of God. 

Mantra comes from the Sanskrit word “man” which means, “to think” and “tra” which, loosely translated, comes from the Sanskrit and means a tool. So a mantra is a tool for thinking.  A mantra connects our personal consciousness with the universal consciousness.  Mantra is a divine thought. It’s a thought of the mind of God or universal intelligence. Every time you think the mantra, that thought, you’re cultivating, nurturing, that power/energy within your being.  That is why regular meditation practice is important. 

Why chakra & aura clearings are a temporary fix

Many healers and massage therapists offer chakra and aura clearings and people find they feel great afterwards but within a short period of time they are back to feeling how they were before. Why is this?  Before we answer that question we need to know what a chakra and aura clearing is and what it does. 

Aura clearings are performed to comb out dirt, debris, negative and emotional energy, or anything that has stuck to the auric field.  The aura being contaminated can cause a person to feel and act differently based on what has stuck to it.  The chakras need to be cleaned and cleared as well.  Chakras are energy centers that penetrate into the energy system of our physical body.  When the chakras are dirty or have debris or negative energy stuck to them that can cause them to get unbalanced.  Clearing the aura and chakras can have a wonderful effect on someone because the energy body is cleaned of negativity that one accumulates by going out in public, such as working in a negative environment, being in or around negative relationships, spousal abuse, substance abuse, walking into a place such as a store, hospital, or anywhere that energy is not cleared out on a regular basis.  Someone who abuses substances, such as alcohol and drugs, for an extended period of time, actually burns holes in their subtle bodies, and this can be seen by people that can read auras.  The holes in the subtle bodies allows for unwanted or negative energy to attach to the person and affect them in a negative way. 

Now that we’ve seen what chakra and aura clearings do and their effects, why is it that the clearings are a temporary fix?  Often times the negativity that is removed from a person’s chakras and auras will help them overcome their issues.  However, chakras get out of balance because of a belief the person holds.  The belief may be conscious or unconscious.  The way to fully balance a chakra is for the person to become aware of the issue(s) that are affecting them.  There are many reasons why a certain chakra is out of whack.  And several chakras may be out of whack.  But finding which chakras aren’t in alignment can help piece the mystery together and help a person get a better perspective.  Once we have found out the chakras that are out of harmony, the practitioner can ask the client questions as to beliefs that may need to be dealt with and overcome for the chakra(s) to be rebalanced.  Once a belief changes it will automatically rebalance on its own. 

Lets take the example of an issue I’ve found a lot of women having.  I’ve had many women clients that have their throat chakra out of balance.  No amount of cleaning, clearing, and balancing of the chakras and aura hold for very long.  The client may have all their chakras in perfect harmony when they leave my office but every time they come back for an appointment the 5th chakra is always out of alignment.  They ask me, “Why is this happening?”  So I ask them questions about their life.  We know that the 5th chakra is related to shabda or vak, which has to do with speaking ones truth, being heard, and voicing their opinion. I’ve found that these particular women believe and were experiencing at the time their voice being repressed. Most often times it is their spouse or significant other that is the one suppressing their voice, but bosses, colleagues, friends, and family are also causes of this.  So once the client grasps the awareness that their voice isn’t being heard, and that emotionally this is affecting them, and causing their chakra to shut down, they can work on ways to overcome this.  They can devise a plan.  Work on standing up for themselves, their beliefs, their opinions, and not allow other people to take away the power of their voice. Then when they overcome this and their belief shifts their chakra automatically becomes harmonized. 



The Hype about Meditation

You may be asking yourself, what is all the hype about mediation?  Why should I meditate? What will meditation do for me?  How do I know what kind of meditation to do? 

There are many types and modalities of meditation throughout the world today.  Some of the types are guided meditation, listening to peaceful music, visualization, walking meditation, paying attention to the breath, and mantra based meditation such as transcendental meditation, as well as Ascension meditation, and KriyaYoga.

All types of meditation are good and to find out what works best for us we should begin by trying each type out to see which benefits us the most.  What is deemed deep meditation are meditation practices such as mantra based or TM, Ascension, and Kriya Yoga.     These meditation practices come from enlightened masters of Brahman consciousness, which is the highest state of consciousness one can attain as a human being.  These meditation practices have been passed down from generation to generation since the beginning of time and are proven techniques that work.  They are not theory, but proven scientifically by research studies done in universities around the world. 

The benefits of deep meditation are much more than the more superficial techniques that promote relaxation and peace of mind.  In deep meditation, science has shown what enlightened masters have been telling us since the beginning of time. Meditation expands the mind, increases intelligence, reduces stress, anxiety, and depression, reduces blood pressure, promotes better sleep, and increases happiness to name a few. 

One of the biggest reasons to meditate is to contribute to world peace. You may be asking, how can world peace be achieved by meditating.  Meditating twice daily for 20 minutes morning and evening raises your vibration.  By meditating twice daily, you are working on cleaning and clearing your charkras and subtle body.  You are lowering your stress and increasing your mind and allowing your body and consciousness to open up to higher states of consciousness.  This means you are growing spiritually and holistically and doing this naturally without any drugs or negative side effects. Everything done in meditation is good for you.  So by raising your vibration, you automatically raise the vibration around you and this in turn affects your environment, all the people, animals, etc.  Research has shown that it takes less than 1% of the population to meditate to achieve world peace.  Scientists have done numerous studies of towns where the majority of the population meditate and the crime rate goes way down.  Imagine if everyone meditated what the world would be like.  Can you visualize it?  Do you see the peaceful world that we could be living in right now?

Reasons to meditate are:

  • Expansion of the mind. Increased mental potential
  • Health benefits- stress reduction, lower blood pressure, decreased anxiety and depression, better sleep, increased happiness. 
  • World peace- raising the vibration of the mass consciousness. 

6 Ways to Reduce Stress

Exercise- In doing exercise it is important to keep the heart rate up and get your blood flowing.  Taking kickboxing or fitness classes are a great way to mix up your workouts and get in cardio and weight training.  Running, walking, biking, hiking, and lifting weights are also great ways to get your body moving and your muscles active.  Be creative and make exercising fun!  And exercising takes your mind off stressful issues and circumstances.  By the time you’re done working out, the problems that were troubling you will more than likely diminish because there is something about working out really hard that lets off steam and stress and gets us back on track focusing on what’s important. 

Listening to Music- Creates a calming effect in our nervous system if we are listening to the right kind of music.  Pay attention to the sounds, beats, and lyrics of the music you choose to listen to.  Does the music uplift you?  Do the words inspire you?  Is the tone high or low?  Music often times inspires and uplifts us, but it can also bring us down if we’re not careful.  So make sure you’re listening to music that is beneficial to your mental well-being.  We want to reduce our stress levels through music, not add to it.  

Energetic Exercises- This is different than doing exercises that keep your heart rate up.  Exercises such as Qi Gong and Tai Chi work with activating your energy through breathing, opening up meridian points and pathways throughout the body, and flowing movements. The combination of breathing while opening up energy channels, and doing specific movements promotes a feeling of vigor and vitality and an increase in health and wellness. 

Yoga- Is wonderful for stress reduction. The process of focusing on one’s breath while doing the physical activity of moving the body into specific contorted positions releases stress in the body. Not only that, yoga helps with aligning the body’s posture and is great for hip and joint issues.  Yoga is a science that has been handed down from enlightened masters for thousands of years. So when we look for ways to reduce stress in the body we can without a shadow of a doubt know that yoga is one of the best ways because it has endured the test of time. 

Breathing Exercises- Also called pranayama in many circles especially in Eastern practices.  Pranayama basically means controlling the life breath.  By actively focusing on the breath we can do many things.  One of those things is stress reduction.  Breathing from the belly or lower abdomen is one way.  Most breathing techniques focus on moving energy up and down the spinal column, which very basically promotes activation of higher states of consciousness.  Techniques that alternate the breath between nostrils, where one holds one nostril while taking an inhalation and then an exhalation while closing the other nostril, release stress in the body.  Faster breathing techniques blow out the stress while slower techniques calm and relax the body.  Breathing exercises are great to do any time day or night.  Doing them before meditation really adds to the experience.

Meditation- Practicing mediation once to twice daily for 15-20 minutes helps our overall health.  Extensive scientific research has been done about meditation, which shows that repetitive practice on a daily basis helps expand the mind, decreases blood pressure, improves sleep, and relieves stress, anxiety, and depression.  Meditation is one of the best practices a person can do for their overall well being.  When choosing a mediation practice see what fits your lifestyle.  Maybe walking meditation works for you, or contemplating scriptures, or listening to sounds or music.  Those are great and really help, but the scientific studies that have shown the many health benefits that come with meditating are from deep styles of meditation such as mantra based, Transcendental, Ascension, or Kriya Yoga.  There are many types of deep meditation and these are just three. Explore and find out what’s out there and then stick with it.  You want to be regular in your practice but at the same time stay with the same meditation program because it is much more beneficial to stick with one method than to bounce around.

Using any of these methods to reduce stress in your life works wonders.  Even though individually physical exercise, listening to music, energetic exercises, yoga, breathing exercises, and meditation all do things for our overall stress, combining them in your daily routing will give you more benefits than doing just one.  Try combining physical and energetic exercises with breathing and listening to music.  Another wonderful combination that works wonders on health, vitality, and stress reduction is doing yoga, breathing exercises, and meditation.  Doing yoga first allows the body to release stress that the physical body is holding.  Following yoga with one or two slow breathing exercises for 3-5 minutes relaxes the body and mind, putting the mind and body in a wonderful place to start meditation.  By first starting with yoga, followed by breathing exercises, the body has become less stressed allowing your mind to start meditation at a deeper, more relaxed state, than it would if you just sat down and meditated.  If you don’t do yoga or have trouble getting in yogic postures, try energetic exercises like Qi Gong or Tai Chi as preparation for meditation. 

Using these 6 stress reduction exercises will reduce your stress levels and increase your happiness in no time!  In just a short time you will notice you feel better, you’re more relaxed, less stressed, in a good mood, blood pressure at a normal level, energy levels increased, and sleeping much better.  Take advantage of these 6 life changing techniques and watch every aspect of your life improve.